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Eleanor Ashley

In just a few words, what do you like best about your job?

“Me come into work and be surrounded by people who are so enthusiastic about music as much as I am. Doing so much in relation to the artists I love and listen to.”

Do you get to do interesting stuff, or is it just making tea and running errands? If you do, what sort of interesting stuff do you get to do?

“Interesting stuff I get to do – analysing all different radio playlist, seeing how well artists are doing on different radio stations. My day to day job is analysing what is being played on radio. Being involved in services such as Spotify, Amazon, Shazam for statistical purposes”

If you had decided against an apprenticeship, what would you probably be doing now?

“Only until last minute I decided that I wasn’t going to go to university, spoke to tutors, career advisors and was told an apprenticeship was a better route for me rather than university in terms of the industry I wanted to get involved in. I stopped my UCAS application at the last point, where I was about to submit it.

Radio and Media degree would have been the closest option to what I have a passion in and this is what I would have done at University or possibly done Film and TV Production.”

On a scale of one to ten – ten be really, really pleased – how pleased are you that you are doing this apprenticeship?

“8/10 – reason for this is because I’m already worried if I will be kept on or not after 12 months when I’m only two months in, this is because I love it all!”

Quote: “My apprenticeship with Warner Music that I found through DiVA has given me the skills and experiences that are undoubtedly crucial and invaluable to potential future success. To anyone with similar aspirations and dreams as myself I would seriously consider approaching apprenticeship schemes. Nobody should feel that there is only one option after college.”

Eleanor Ashley – Warner Music Apprentice