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Josh Clark

How did you find out Apprenticeships?
I’d known about apprenticeships since years 10 & 11 during secondary school didn’t take much notice then. I actually didn’t think i’d qualify for it being 21 but was pleasantly surprised. I found this role through the apprenticeships website.

What were you doing prior to the apprenticeships?
I studied at the University of Liverpool for 3 months before dropping out to move to London. Prior to that i studied at London College for 2 years.

What new skills have you learnt? What impact have these skills made on how you do your job?
I definitely feel more confident in many aspects. I’ve learnt a lot with regards to office management which will be helpful if i ever leave music. Mainly, i have already learnt so much about the music business which is priceless. i don’t think i would of been any better of for spending 3 years of university studying music business.

What contribution do you feel you made to the organisation?
I feel i’ve made work for the rest of the team easier. Offering constant support and help with anything they need. Whether that be ensuring we have all the equipment in the office that we need or being able to ask around and find out information.

Are you doing something you have always wanted to or has the Apprenticeships opened your eyes to new occupations?
100% i am doing something i have ALWAYS wanted to do. I feel so lucky.

Future plans –  what would you like to achieve in the future?
I would like to stay on with Secretly and maybe move into a product manager role. Alongside that i would like to start up my own label and start to take on bands/artists.

Are you staying with your employer after your apprenticeship?

Does the training you receive from DiVA relate to what you do in the workplace?
I learnt a lot about excel through Diva training. This has been no end of help as i work alot with Microsoft Excel.