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In conversation with: Ella Harding

Ella Harding is a Sales Strategy Apprentice at Ingrooves Music Group. Ella shares her experience as part of the inaugural BRITs Apprenticeship programme.

I am currently over half way through my Apprenticeship at Ingrooves Music Group and still loving every minute!

I applied to be one of 10 BRITs Apprentices with the mindset that I would give it my all but with low expectation to succeed as I knew how competitive it would be. I had recently graduated University with a History degree and had very little music industry experience other than volunteer work. All I knew was that music was my hobby and passion and that I wanted to make that my job. Luckily this eagerness to succeed must have translated in my interview and I was offered a place!

My experience as a BRITs Apprentice since then has far exceeded my expectations. I have learnt so much about the industry, different career paths, networking and so much more. I have attended events such as the BRITs, the Music Week Awards, the AIM Awards and many more. This is to name but a few of the perks and opportunities that the apprenticeship has given me so far. I have been so involved in every aspect of the business and it has given me a taste of what working in the music industry would bring. This year has confirmed that this is what I want to pursue a career in and that it is an environment in which I can thrive.

I was definitely nervous at first as I was concerned that they would expect me to be clued up on everything before I started, but my workplace has been so good at educating me on how everything works and the different processes. As well as this, the workshops that we have every month organized by DiVA and held at the BPI have taught me so much and I always leave feeling inspired and motivated.

If I had any advice for people thinking about applying, it would just be to go for it. It has given me so many opportunities whether that is attending events, meeting contacts and, overall, just amazing life and work experience. The BPI and DiVA have allowed me and the nine other Apprentices to have an opportunity that we may not have otherwise had. I am so excited to see what we all go on to achieve now that we have such great experience under our belt.